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About Our Firm

Located in South Jersey & Philadelphia, We are a second generation family business and we have a long history of helping people through bad times. It does not matter where you are located in the Delaware Valley, we can help. Looking for a Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer or maybe a Philadelphia Divorce Lawyer or possibly a Camden or Burlington County Bankruptcy Lawyer? No matter how you phrase it, we are here to help you through your hard time.


Some of our areas of practice are as follows:


  • Philadelphia Divorce Lawyer  We have been handling low-cost uncontested Philadelphia divorces for over 2 decades. (and other Family Law such as child support, custody, marriage settlement agreements) Our No-Fault Philadelphia Divorce can be started in person, by telephone, or online. We file cases every week and are fast/experienced with this. We believe our service is the best around.


  • Philadelphia Bankruptcy Lawyer and other related credit issues, Foreclosures, Mortgage Modification.  Not only do we serve Philadelphia but We are proud of our long history and continuing practice of helping good people deal with difficult financial issues as a Camden County Bankruptcy Lawyer and  a Burlington County Bankruptcy Lawyer Our focus is to provide relief from bill collectors, mortgage issues, and to provide relief from financial stress.


  • Immigration with an emphasis on family based issues such as Permanent residence, fiance visas, and citizenship and other general legal matters



The Law Offices of Reinherz & Reinherz is a full service general practice law office dedicated to providing clients in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey with the highest degree of integrity, skill and cost-effective legal services.

We are proud to offer prompt, professional, and affordable legal services. Our clients are treated with respect and our attorneys are easy to contact

We are NICE, down to earth, and easy to deal with. We will never talk down to our clients and we also promptly return all telephone calls. We believe in "going the extra mile" to help people, which has contributed to our longevity and growing practice.

Areas of Practice:

  • Divorce and Family Law
  • Bankruptcy-Debts-and Foreclosures-"A Federal Debt Relief Agency"
  • Immigration
  • Personal Injury
  • Workers Compensation
  • Other Legal Matters


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Philadelphia Bankruptcy & Divorce Lawyer
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