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New Jersey Divorce Mediation

New Jersey Divorce mediation is an alternative to settling divorce proceedings in a court of law. Court proceedings are often rapid procedures based upon facts and the bottom line of a particular case. Individuals who desire to settle their conflicts in a private manner may consider divorce mediation. Through this process, each party can express their feelings with the assistance of a trained professional.

Mediation differs from arbitration. Divorce mediation does not involve the legal structure of arbitration. Arbitration is far more adversarial than a mediation process. Mediators are simply there to guide the discussion and interject if one spouse becomes obstinate. Mediators may use a set of rules or protocol in order to admit evidence into view. However, there are no steadfast rules that accompany mediation as there are in a legal court proceeding. The primary goal of mediation is conflict resolution between both spouses. The neutral mediator simply serves as a guide, while you and your spouse negotiate your disputes.

Mediators may interject and guide the conversations to help both parties come to a reasonable agreement. Litigation is often more expensive than mediation. Unrealistic expectations revealed in litigation may prove far more costly than a mediation procedure. Mediation does not prevent either party from seeking litigation if no reasonable solution results from mediation. Mediation proceedings are less expensive, if litigation is avoidable.

New Jersey Divorce mediation is often more time consuming than a divorce court proceeding. Therefore, each spouse must be certain they have the time to dedicate to the proceedings. Each spouse will bear the brunt of gathering information, compiling it and submitting the information in a court of law. Attorneys may still represent each party in the case. This will significantly reduce the spouses’ preparation time. However, this will add to the expense of the mediation proceedings.

Divorce mediation's are often used in child custody cases and courts may appoint a mediator for little or no cost. New Jersey Meditations are often less stressful than most court proceedings and more private. Divorce mediators are trained professionals that allow spouses to reach a mutual decision upon how assets should be divided. Additionally, they may assist in negotiating a child support or spousal support agreements. Once the agreements have been reached through mediation, an uncontested divorce may be filed. Each element of dispute will have been decided through affordable divorce mediation. Afterwords, the spouses can simply file an uncontested divorce with the court systems. New Jersey Mediation is not recommended for spouses who are contentious or in situations where one spouse is more dominant than the other.
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